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'Girls Are Women' (aka, GAW) is the new segment on By Lani that will unpack the current "fourth-wave of feminism", with an emphasis on the younger generation and the importance of their involvement in this movement.

With women of all ethnicities and backgrounds now taking their stance in the world, I feel there is a sense that anything can be achieved right now - if you simply put your mind to it.

Growing up in this type of modern society has allowed young girls to be exposed to the workings of other powerful and inspirational women. Although the entirety of this notion does aim to target females at large, I do feel there is a disconnect between the ages. In my work with the younger female generations - particularly those of high school age - I have noted that girls are seeing the good that older women are achieving, but do not feel confident to act on their own beliefs as such.

With so much good in motion, it's hard to place your finger on exactly where this disconnect is in play. Is it the fear of being judged? The worry that what they like will not be understood by others? Or, simply the inability to identify what it is they are truly passionate about?

This is where my need to emphasise that GIRLS ARE WOMEN TOO stemmed from. You don't need to be finished primary school, high school, or UNI to finally put time into finding "your purpose" (whether you know what that is or not!!).

The wait time in transit from "girl" to "women" needs to be diminished. The social barriers we put up to stop one another from feeling comfortable to pursue what we believe in need not exist! Whether you're 4 or 44, you are both a girl AND a women - the two terms are interchangeable. If you wake up with a desire to do something - ANYTHING - you should feel encouraged and supported to do so, for it is too easy to get lost in living someone else's life... particularly in the world of social media - and this is where I fear many of the social issues in today derive from.

My hope is for the 'Girls Are Women' segment to grow into the tool kit women (of ALL ages) need to figure out their passions, identify the obstacles, and smash every single goal they have anyway. From talking finances, to identifying the line of work you want to fall into - a new interviewee with each 'GAW' post will be giving us an insight into her world, offering personal advice and experience that has helped shape her into the female she is today.

So before you go on to meet our first 'Girls Are Women' interviewee, I want you to have a good little think about what you want to get out of this. Where in your life are you holding back? How can you find yourself the support to overcome this? Whether you can identify an answer to that or not yet, perhaps one, two, or twenty interviews from now all will seem a little clearer.

If girls are women, then seedlings are also flowers. To grow and flourish, you have to be watered from the beginning - and it's time we make it rain out there. All females in society deserve to feel empowered.

Your start is now.


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