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Updated: May 2, 2020

First off, HAPPY NEW DECADE to all you beautiful readers out there... may you spend 2020 with people you love and working on goals you're striving for.

I couldn't think of a better way to start the year off than with another 'GIRLS ARE WOMEN' segment, and fair warning, this one is bound to inspire. From modelling and acting to working as a yoga teacher, it was an absolute privilege to interview this power woman. Please welcome... Steph Stock!




"My name is Stephanie but everyone calls me Steph. I’m a model and actress but that hardly sums up all the things I get to do. I’m also a yoga teacher, a television host, public speaker, a fan of all things movement and a coach. I’m still in the early stages of coaching but I love it! I coach aspiring models and mothers of models-to-be to get started in the industry in a positive way and I help people engage with fitness in a way that feels good (not just because they want to look a certain way.) Doing all of these things means I get to work with some pretty amazing women and help them feel like the best version of themselves while realizing they’re already enough. My main goal is to help my clients cultivate confidence to achieve their big goals."

How did you fall into your line of work? Was there anything in particular that inspired you?

"I’ve been modeling for 15 years and it took me a long time to cultivate the confidence to really step into my power and take ownership of my career. I was afraid of the industry and I was nervous that labeling myself meant limiting myself. I was so wrong. The moment I accepted myself, who I am and what I have to offer, that’s when things really started to unfold for me and I want to help others experience that same feeling of finding their purpose and living out their mission. It can all sound a bit “woo woo” but it’s honestly the greatest gift. What sets me apart is that I’m there for the grind and the glow. I get real about the hard work that needs to be done to achieve success and I find ways for them to humbly approach an industry that’s filled with egos."

"I see power and purpose in being able to impact the lives of others." - Steph Stock

What was your idea of a dream job growing up? How has that led to the work you do now?

"Two distinct memories come to mind. The first being eight years old and sitting in a car ride with my mom when I told her so clearly that “I want to be the next Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, and Diane Sawyer all in one.” Those are very high aspirations for an eight-year-old and I think my mother was surprised that I knew who those women were but her response was, as it always has been whenever I declare some audacious goal, she said to me with a smile “well you can absolutely do that.”

The next year, at school, my teacher asked us to play a game of charades and act out what we wanted to be when we were older. Most of my classmates played pretend veterinarians or teachers but I stood up and struck my most fierce power pose. I laugh about it to this day. The thing is, I’ve always wanted to be a person of influence. I see power and purpose in being able to impact the lives of others. I’ve also always loved storytelling, it’s how we view the world through other people’s perspectives and both of these things are values that I carry into all of the work that I do."


"I read. And I do NOT read anything that is classified as self-help. I read stories of others because it gives me perspective and often times inspiration and new ideas. I read history because I think a lot of time we look to connect to those around us but there’s also something to be said for connecting to the ones that came before us and learn from their lessons. I also move. Movement is the best thing and I think it’s underutilized. We move before we talk, before we can form a thought but as we get older we do less moving and more thinking and it makes no sense to me. I said move, rather than work out. I love fitness and exercise but I think it’s intimidating for a lot of people and for that reason it’s not approachable nor desirable. Moving your body is a blessing and when I’m not feeling motivated simply going for a walk gets me back in balance."


"I like to be dressed for the occasion. Today personal style is celebrated so many ways and I love playing dress up when I’m on set but I definitely feel my most powerful when I have the perfect outfit to fit both my comfort and the moment. Even if it’s just a cute pair of pajamas for bedtime."


"Wasting time is inevitable. I just make sure my time is wasted on something worthwhile. I set a goal for the day as well when I wake up. It can be big or small but getting that one thing done gives me a sense of accomplishment and I can keep it moving."


"My day seems to unravel as it goes on so I’m definitely a morning person. I prefer having a routine even though that’s not always a reality. My ideal day has me up at 6:30 but truth is I’m usually up by 7:30 or 8am. The biggest thing for me is sleep. I prioritize my sleep so if I have to wake up at 7:30 so that I get 8 hours of sleep then so be it. I don’t cook, I leave that to my boyfriend. Lucky for me he’s amazing in the kitchen and he really enjoys trying new things so we get to eat fun stuff."

"Go after as many kinds of experiences as you want, pay attention to how you feel when you try something new, be patient in finding your passion and purpose, and enjoy yourself in everything that you do." - Steph Stock


"So many here! First of all open an IRA ASAP (*Editor's note: this would be similar to superannuation in Australia). The compounding interest is youths best friend. I’d also create a separate savings account for the big moments like weddings. This sounds silly but honestly once I hit 26 it felt like all my friends got married one after the other and I wanted to fully experience all of it but it’s definitely not cheap lol. Having money allows you to live in the present moment without worry, so I would have saved a little extra so that I can celebrate those big moments with friends without any hesitation.

Finances are a big thing I discuss with young models as well. We earn money differently than a corporate job and it’s not a long term career for many people so we have to save it differently too."


"What I’ve learned over the years in finding my own routine and helping others is that Fitness should feel good.

Movement is key when it comes to your mental and physical health and it should be a priority to move everyday, not for the purpose of being thin, or looking a certain way but because you can and because it will allow you to be more creative and healthier in every aspect of your life."


"Take control of your social media! You have the ability to create the types of messages you want to see and the types of messages you want to share. That’s huge and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you’re a business person and have a product or service post with purpose. If you are just participating in social share the things that matter to you but don’t engage in social media in a way that’s destructive to yourself or harms others. It’s just not worth it."


"It’s hard to stay true to yourself when you don’t know yourself. That’s what growing up does it allows you to find yourself, so go after as many kinds of experiences as you want, pay attention to how you feel when you try something new, be patient in finding your passion and purpose and enjoy yourself in everything that you do. Eventually you’ll have a long list of experiences that show patterns of what you enjoy and what you value, and when that happens lean into it so that you’re happy in whatever you do."


On behalf of the 'By Lani' readers and myself, I would like to thank Steph for taking part in our #GIRLSAREWOMEN segment. I know that everyone out there will find motivation in her words remembering that no matter what age you are, you too can kick goals. All you have to do is work hard, give back, and remember that a kind heart is always best.

To keep up with all that Steph is doing, find her on Instagram: @stalksteph


See you next time for another edition of #GIRLSAREWOMEN, I hope you learnt as much from this interview as I did!


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