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Updated: May 2, 2020

As Wednesday comes to a close, I’m sure that you, like the rest of us, are holding out for that long awaited Easter break!

Winter is creeping in, motivation is dissipating… and even though we’ve been blessed with an extra hour of sleep in the morning, this cool change of season remains unforgiving.

Now whilst it may seem like a good idea to just count down the clock until Friday comes around, finding the motivation within yourself to continue your hustle (whatever that may be), is one important skill that will set you apart from the rest.

Don’t let something as little as a lack of motivation stop you from achieving big things!

These 5 quotes will help you remember why you started so that you girl, can keep going strong.

So, let’s hear it…

1. Consistency will bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

– Lindsey Eryn

This quote’s a keeper. Consistency, consistency, consistency! If there’s one thing that will keep you on the right track, it’s that. Find your niche, set a routine, and stick to it until you make yourself proud.

2. All work, all play!

BALANCE! That’s the key word for this one. Working hard is important, but having a good time is just as necessary. Burn out is real and too easily done! In the chaos of this 24hr world it’s easy to get lost in the constant half work/half living cycle (you know the one, where you’re sitting on the couch on a Friday night watching Netflix, but scrolling through your work emails at the same time!). When you are at work, be completely there, but once you've clocked off, don’t think about those emails – just immerse yourself in the fun!

3. Progress over perfection, every single time.

If you try to measure your success through the eyes of a perfectionist, you’ll never be truly satisfied. Nothing in this world is perfect, and to be honest I’m not too sure why we even have it as a word! The world is flawed, just as is life, and this is the magic that makes us human. Look back at what you’ve done and be grateful for the difference between where you are now, to where you have been before. That is your success.

4. The only person you need to be compared to is yourself.

Following on from the importance of progression from the last quote, comparison to your former self is all that should be seen. How can you measure yourself based on another woman’s success, when you are not that woman, you are you? Look back at the past versions of yourself and think of all the beautiful ways you have grown, then work every day to better that again. Women are not your competition, they are your support – find your crowd and help get each other through.

5. Support your local girl gang

– unknown

I’ve seen this quote floating around Pinterest numerous times, and I must say I am a fan. You are but small pieces of all the strong women (and men) that surround you. Don’t be afraid to be selective with your time – you should only spend moments with those that uplift you! So look around and be reminded of who the important people in your life are, then let them know you are there for them. Shout your friend that cup of coffee, pick her some flowers when she’s sad, talk out any troubles, then excite each other with all your big ambitions, plan that trip to travel far away, and just enjoy the happiness that your girl gang can bring – because no one can stay motivated all the time without the helping hand your best gal friend.


Now go and smash out the rest of your week, and remember these quick little quotes whenever you’re feeling unmotivated. (Little tip: print your favourite one out and stick it somewhere that you’ll see every day! In your closet or at your desk is a pretty good place!).


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