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Updated: May 2, 2020

So this may come as a surprise to you, but it’s already February of 2019…

For some of you this means your new years’ resolutions have long been forgotten, coffee has become your best friend again, and you’re already resenting that 1-year gym membership you signed up for in January.

2019 is about to be a big year and I don’t want any of you to go forget your aspirations for it. We are on the verge of bringing this decade to an end. The past 10 years have seen it all; smart-phones, same-sex marriage, Netflix, hashtags, virtual reality, Australia’s first female Prime Minister, social media, reality T.V., memes, superfoods, Usain Bolt, Game of Thrones, Donald Trump, and hover crafts… just kidding we didn’t actually make it that far yet, sorry Marty Mcfly.

Now, arguably more than ever, the encouragement and acceptance of every single person regardless of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity is being seen every day. Career opportunities are at an all time high with entrepreneurship as one of the leading notions. Pretty much anything you can dream of right now, you can do. There’s never been a better time to tackle goals and turn them into reality.

Whether you are a high school hustler, working hard at a 9-5, jumping into starting your own business, or just working on creating a healthier, happier life for yourself- the following quotes are for you…

1. Make nurturing your body a lifestyle

In order to cultivate a life of health, happiness, and achievements, treating your body and mind with kindness is a must. It’s not about fad diets and living at the gym, it’s about moving your body with love daily and eating real food you find delicious and enjoy. Active repetition is the only way to create healthy habits – and healthy habits create a health you! There is no end goal in health, so experiment everyday with what works for you by mixing things up and always trying something new!

2. You always have enough time

Every single human on this entire planet get 24hrs in the day. Even though the realities of life can make you feel as if there’s never enough time to achieve what you want in a day, trust me when I say, there is. It all comes down to changing this mind set of I don’t have time, to I do. If you think you can’t fit in a work out- 20 minutes in your room of the morning is all you need, if you wish that you could read more- put down your phone for 10 minutes and take out a book for a change.

Wake up earlier. Limit screen time at night. Be more productive. Schedule in those things you ‘don’t have time for’, and instead make time for them. The less hours you waste scrolling through social media comparing yourself to others, the more time you will have for yourself. If you are active and present in every moment you will quickly realise it’s easy to achieve so much more with your day.

3. If you don’t like something find a way to change it, or, change the way you look at it

Life’s too short to waste any amount of time on something that doesn’t make you happy, and I’m a firm believer in this. Now I’m not saying to just become a quitter when stuff gets too hard, because everything in life needs to be worked for. I mean learning to change that mindset of just accepting the things that you really don’t like.

If you are in a job that you absolutely loathe, then no matter how financially supportive it is- you are wasting your time. Either try and negotiate something in your job that will alleviate the discomfort, or make an active effort to look for other work that you’ll actually like. If 5 out of the 7 days in your week are spent somewhere that doesn’t make you happy, that shouldn’t be a price you’re willing to pay. The same goes for people that don’t inspire or encourage you, remember that you always have the right to distance yourself. If you believe that you can do something to change the things in your life you don’t like, then you will be able to change them.

4. Remember that you have exactly enough energy for just one day at a time

I actually wrote this quote and had it framed next to my bed for years because it was something I needed to be reminded of every day. Anxiety is more problematic than ever in this demanding 24hr world. Forward thinking not just about today, but the next day, and the next day, and the next day, is easily done. You can quickly find yourself getting anxiously worked up over something that is yet to (and may never) even happen. This is because we fill our brains with information that we do not need and forget the importance of focusing on just one day at a time.

If you are constantly foreshadowing events and expending precious energy worried about the future- you will not be able to adequately give your attention and effort to the present. There’s no point worrying about tomorrow when you are living in today… spend your energy wisely and you will find yourself at ease.

5. Challenge yourself to try something new

As the year progresses it can be easy to fall into a set routine. Now don’t get me wrong, routines are great- especially when you find one that works for you. However, the reality is most of us are yet to find that magic. There’s a great difference between being comfortable in what you do, and thriving off what you do- this is where trying something new comes in.

When you try something new you open yourself up to the opportunity of finding something you love. Example, you might like your current coffee shop, but if every now and then you mix it up you could find a place with a cute barista, free Wi-Fi and coffee that is the perfect amount of too strong- now you have a coffee shop you love.

Making the conscious decision to try something that you haven’t before, whether that be a new food from the super market, or a different route when driving to work, allows you to be constantly progressing and making room for better things to come your way.


Now write these down somewhere or keep them consciously in the back of your head, because it’s time to get out and make the most of the year!


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