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Updated: May 2, 2020

Being constantly creative, productive and enthused can be hard (even for the most determined of us all). Having a work space that inspires you is important- without it, staying motivated to produce your best work can feel difficult and even impossible at times.

The following are 4 work space must haves that will keep you as productive as possible, no matter what the task. They can be incorporated into any work space whether that be at home, school, work, or even in a café- because in this demanding 24hr world, workspace flexibility is a must.

1. A mood board (for all of your moods)

Yep you read it right, you’ll need some form of mood/inspiration board for all of your moods… the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can either stick up photos if you have a permanent desk arrangement, put some motivation on a little portable pin board, or simply use your desktop background on your laptop. Having pictures and quotes that appeal to all your moods is important, this way no matter what type of mind set you’re in that day- you’ve got yourself covered. An inspirational quote from Gandhi himself for your good days, and a Carrie Bradshaw “I don’t have time for idiots” picture quote for your, well, not-so-good days; it’s called balance… we can’t all be chirpy little social butterflies everyday, there just isn’t enough spare coffee in the world available for that!

2. A ‘time to get stuff done’ mug or keep cup (you know, for your “herbal tea”)

Whether you are actually an herbal tea drinking angel goddess, or a self-proclaimed but sleep deprived coffee connoisseur, having a beverage that you associate with working hard and getting things done can really help. Additionally, having a specific cup that you use to hold your liquid gold of choice is just as useful. Making sure it’s a healthy beverage that’s not an energy drink or soda is just as imperative (you’d be surprised at how much more clearly you think when your blood sugar levels aren’t higher then the Empire State). Drinking tea, coffee, or another latte of sorts is usually your safest bet, but if you want to read more on the latest wonder drink for laser focus and productivity check out our article on matcha green tea and give it a try for yourself!

3. Candles & essential oils

Now if a beautifully scented work space doesn’t fill you with motivation, then I don’t know what will! Our olfactory is the sensory system used for smell. It is said to be the most significant of our senses in relation to memory, and is particularly highly developed in females.

Having a specific smell that you associate with work will put you in the right frame of mind to stay focused and get things done. Rosemary can promote alertness1, whereas peppermint is said to induce clarity2. Regardless, if you designate any specific candle or essential oil to your work space, your brain will make the connection between working hard and that individual smell. Packing a portable little essential oil that you can just chuck into your bag and take with you wherever you go is perfect for school or work, that way you can simply apply it to your neck and wrists and bam- you’re ready to go!

4. Crystal magic… for my hippie lovers

On a serious note though, it doesn’t matter if you are someone who believes in the power of crystals, or just simply looks at them and appreciates their beauty- having one on your desk or near you when you’re getting into the work mind frame can be a great way to induce a sense of focus.

There are many crystals that are said to improve productivity in the workplace such as black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, green aventurine, jade, quartz, amethyst, selenite, and many more. Finding which one works for you is all part of the fun! Regardless whether or not you believe in crystals, having one (or a small object of the like) with you when you when trying to get work done will be beneficial in helping you zone in on the task at hand. Similar to that of a stress ball, or lucky sock, some people like to hold a crystal near when thinking or brainstorming so that they associate that action with generating their best work.


Let me know if you enjoyed these tips and have found any of them useful for yourself, I’d love to hear. Until then, I hope the rest of your day is a beautiful and productive one!



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