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Healthy snacks can be hard to come by, especially when competing with chips, choccy's, and all the other moreish and oh-so-easy to grab snacks the supermarkets hold.

When you snack mindlessly, you're already reducing your body's ability to absorb nutrients (learn more about that on my blog here) so, if you're going to snack incidentally, I say it may as well be on something nutritious!

Below I've compiled 7 of my go-to snacks that are also rich in protein and healthy fats to keep you satisfied and give you a little more bang for your calorific buck. Check them out below...

Any 100% nut butter will do. Simply remove the seed in the date and add a walnut, almond, or slab of almond butter.

Little tip: you can prep a few & store them in the freezer. It makes them nice & chewy!

Brown rice or quinoa cakes are the perfect sweet or savoury snack. Some of my go-to additions are:

• Avocado, hummus, goats cheese

• Almond butter, bananas, strawberries

Or any legumes for that matter! The best part is you can make these yourself at home. Simple rinse your chickpeas or beans of choice, roast them for 15 mins, spray them with some oil & add salt, pepper & your spices of choice. (Paprika is a fav of mine!)

Simple & easy, there really is no better healthy snack than a boiled egg.

Enjoy it as is, or sprinkle some salt, pepper. & spices on top. A scoop of hummus never fails to satisfy as well.

For the sweet-tooth within, these 2 ingredient muffins are a healthy snack saviour. Simply mash 3 bananas in a bowl, add 1 cup of rolled outs & mix together. Pop them in the oven for 15 mins and enjoy! (Frozen berries & cinnamon make a delicious extra addition).

My favourite mix includes cashews, almonds, goji berries, walnuts, pepita and sunflower seeds. Then you can even toast your nut mix with a bit of cinnamon & enjoy them with some fresh berries or fruit. Delish!

For the 3pm slump, nibbling on some dark chocolate bark hits the spot.

For one of my go-to chocolate bark recipes head to my insta post here.


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