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School Visits & Group Talks / Workshops

School visits & Group Talks / Workshops – cost will vary depending on time & number of participantsSubmit an enquiry via the 'Bookings' form below for a quote.

Lani offers school visits and group talks/workshops as a guest speaker where she can touch on health topics such as:

  • Sports nutrition for sporting groups, teams, clubs, associations, etc.

  • HSC support for high school students, years 11 and 12

  • Hormonal/menstrual health chats for teenagers & young adults

  • Pregnancy & early childhood nutrition support (e.g. Preschools, Mother's groups, etc.)

  • General female health 

  • Body image and healthy relationships with food

  • Healthy in-person cooking workshops e.g. for Food Technology classes, sporting groups, etc.

  • General nutrition advice/workshops for teenagers /adolescents (or other group of choice)

Lani is also open to any other topic/workshop requests as she loves to cater these workshops to your specific needs. 

Virtual Cooking Classes


Single cooking sessions $79 (p/hr) – This is a 1:1 cooking session with Lani

Double cooking sessions $49 per person (p/hr) – This is for a 2:1 cooking session with Lani

Group cooking sessions $39 per person (p/hr) – No limit on numbers, feel free to organise as big a group as you'd like!

Virtual Cooking Sessions with Lani are excellent if you are looking for some support around easy, simple, healthy and delicious meal preparation. These are great in conjunction with Nutrition Consultations, or just as a stand-alone activity. Prior to your session Lani will liaise with you to see what type of recipes/meals you were wanting to prepare with her. She will then send over a list of recipes for you to choose from. The amount of recipes you can get through will depend on the amount of time booked. Note: Fee does not cover your recipe ingredients. You will be required to purchase these on your own in preparation for the Virtual Cooking Session.

Tip: Virtual Cooking Sessions with Lani have been popular amongst younger teen groups as a birthday party activity, making healthy treats, cakes, etc.

Want to book with Lani?

If you would like to make a booking for any of Lani's services, please fill in the form below with your full name, email, and preferred service or consultation time/date.

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